classes overview

What are the principles of the Aboro training system?

Individual attention and guidance - we believe in teaching in smaller groups (maximum of 15 people). 
This means more attention and focus on you and your individual progress.
We Offer 
1-on-1 training
Exclusive and Corporate Classes, create your own group of 2-6 people,
Customize our training programs for individual needs.


Western boxing has been an Olympic sport since 687 A.D. 
Today it is one of the most popular and watched sports in the world.

No other sport provides a more intense or efficient total body workout. At Aboro Academy you can train or even learn boxing with the best of the best – from the 7 times undefeated World Champion Michele Aboro herself or from other certified trainers who are current or former professional boxers.

Dutch Kick Boxing System

Asia’s First Dutch Kick Boxing program!                                                                                                                      

Jan Plas and Thom Harinck were founders of the NKBB- NEDERLANDSE KICKBOXING BOND (The Dutch Kickboxing Association) in 1976. 

Dutch kickboxing combines the best of Boxing, Thai Boxing, Japanese Kyokushin karate to create an incredibly efficient method for training. The focus is on bringing the best of these fighting styles to create the most powerful kickboxing system in the world. It is a unique approach to fighting that combines angular movement and timing.

Strength Training

Get stronger, leaner, healthier
Strength training focuses on the use of resistance to build strength and aerobic endurance.
Resistance can be in the form of weights or even your own body weight. At Aboro Academy we rely on kettle bells, free weights, TRX system and your own body weight because these are the best-proven systems to deliver results.